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A fusion of coaching and consulting, we equip the Fortune 500 to overcome today’s non routine world. We do this by using a proprietary discipline called Non Routine Leadership™ that improves non routine skills—judgement, adaptiveness, creativity, and strategic thinking.

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Equip leaders to grow fearlessly.





by facilitating growth for leaders, teams, and organizations


for future success



others by validating their work, ideas, and future


with cutting edge knowledge


excellence by standing on the shoulders of giants



ALLOY - The meaning behind our name.

A name that represents our core competency—A fusion of coaching and consulting, and the cross-discipline culture who delivers that fusion every day.

Equipping Fearless Leaders - Our Mantra

Equipping Fearless Leaders is our mantra. It encapsulates our relentless pursuit to equip leaders with the education, inspiration, and tools they need to fearlessly navigate complexity and unlock growth in a non routine world.

Our company's history


From Individual Talent to Alloy Strong

Years ago, ALLOY was composed of a talented team of individuals that dominated the retail and CPG industry with branding. As the economy began to shift, we began developing differentiation with research and strategy capabilities. We delivered Fortune 500 quality identity and packaging work that is regarded as elite to this day. There was only one problem…

85% of executives around the globe believe that the most critical issues that prevent businesses from growth are internal, not external. This research validated our experience as well. Time and time again, we would deliver what we were told was a solid strategy, but found that leaders needed help to execute the new brand, new innovation, or new change management program. As complexity and speed from a non routine work setting increased, this challenge became more obvious. It was then we recognized the need to begin researching the role of leadership in today’s non routine world. The problem was vividly clear. Leaders were struggling to grow their organizations consistently, struggling to guide and direct their teams in a non routine world and, ultimately not growing fast enough themselves.

However, we also observed a glimpse of hope in the midst of this chaos. A new kind of leader had emerged from our research, one who had honed the discipline of navigating change far better than his/her peers. Once we identified the core competencies of this leader, we adopted the mindset ourselves, placing it at the core of our culture. Over time, these competencies became a powerful intellectual property, called Non Routine Leadership™, that serves as the backbone for each of our offerings. Non Routine Leadership™ was so groundbreaking to our culture and our clients, that our name shifted to reflect our new business model and our new-found ability to unite elite business strategy with adaptive leadership coaching. Now, the strength of every strategy we deliver is future-proofed with leadership training for today’s Non Routine Leader.


Humble beginnings with elite standards

Founded as a design and visualization firm, called “Illustrated Alaskan Moose”, our quality first ethic caught the attention of elite businesses throughout the state of Ohio.



A national reach

Expanded our national reach by developing direct relationships with Fortune 500 companies, as well as strategic relationships with branding consultancies across the United States.


An opportunity to serve even more

Expanded our competencies to include research, strategy, and design.



The Non Routine Leader™ Emerges

Based on a multi-year research study, we identified the emerging skills, habits, and strategies of the most successful “Non Routine Leaders”™.We also identified the three practices behind their success which became the core discipline of our leadership team and the intellectual property behind our three offerings.


Otterbein University and ALLOY Unite

Otterbein University integrated the competencies of Non Routine Leadership™ into their Professional Development curriculum in order to equip learning professionals with in-demand expertise in today’s non routine business environment.


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